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All swords are made with hardened paper and specific miscellaneous pieces for ornamentation. They are sturdy enough to repeatedly slash and stab at cardboard and also to have light spars.

Lambent Light from SAO

This is a paper version of the Lambent Light from Sword Art Online. I broke this so I am sad but it was cool while it lasted. I made this during the 2014-2015 summer break.


Gauntlets are usually made of aluminum or steel, with leather straps. They are mostly slash proof from knives. If you get punched by one of these, it will hurt like hell.

Brayden's Gauntlet

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This is a 15th century italian styled gauntlet made for the 2014 AFJROTC Drill Team commander Brayden. It is made with aluminum and polyurethene that is mounted onto a white cotton parade glove.

Other Stuff

These are all of the other things that I make. This includes chainmail, other pieces of armor, and random stuff.

Wolf Vambrace

This is a leather gauntlet with a wolf embossed into it. I used 5 ounce leather, saddle tan leather dye, leather grommets, a brown braided leather shoe lace, and a sheet of faux fur.

Paracord Whip

This is a 2 belly bullwhip made with over 100 feet of black and blue paracord, electrical tape, and a 9 inch nail. I built this in one sitting with a total build time of over 12 hours.

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